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Give Him Your Whole Heart

“All whose hearts were stirred and whose spirits were moved came and brought their sacred offerings to the LORD.” – Exodus 35:21 (NLT)

It’s Sunday evening as I write this. I’ve been reflecting on today’s services at church. The words of this verse are haunting to me. “All whose hearts were stirred and whose spirits were moved came and brought their sacred offerings to the LORD.” I wonder if those words described the worshippers at Shartel today. I wonder if it was an accurate description of those of us who led things at church today. Would it be an accurate description of YOU?

Did we gather today with our hearts STIRRED? Was there a sense of anticipation about what the Spirit of the Lord might do in our midst? Was there a bit of adrenaline pumping because we truly believed God was going to be there? Did we gather willingly and excitedly or was it with a sense of obligation? If we truly believe God is who we claim Him to be and can do what we claim He can do, shouldn’t our hearts be stirred?

And shouldn’t our spirits be moved as well? Did we gather with an awareness of who we were coming before in worship? Was there a sense of awe and wonder? Were our spirits moved by a sense of gratitude, thankfulness, and joy? Did we praise and pray with passion, faith, and expectancy? Did we come to our Father overwhelmed by the fact that we could never praise Him enough for all He’s done in our lives?

If that doesn’t challenge you enough, how about this one: Did you bring an offering that was SACRED to God? Did you give your worship from the bottom of your heart? Did you sing the words of the song as if you had written them yourself to God? Did you give Him your BEST expression of worship, your undivided attention, and renew your utmost devotion to Him? And did you give your BEST offering and your FULL TITHE and beyond. Or did you simply tip Him to feel like you did at least “something?”

As the Israelites prepared to build the tabernacle, their meeting place with God, they were aware of what a Divine Privilege it was. God wasn’t moved by what they gave, but HOW they gave it. These people came to church with stirred hearts, moved spirits, and sacred offerings. I pray that next Sunday we can all do the same!