The time is NOW to equip the men who will lead the NEXT GREAT GENERATION! GSMEN is pleased to announce a new, vital study series that teaches the biblical foundation for Mentoring younger men.

Traditional equipping of emerging men centered on the nuclear family where Grandparents were a integrated part of the family offering values, wisdom, discipline and guidance while parents worked to build a new life. In recent years families decentralized leaving a gaping VOID in this vital role of generational equipping.

Fortunately the Baby Boomer generation is not only mature but can provide much needed mentoring by sharing life’s lessons with a new generation. By sharing life in the context of the Bible a mentor has the key ingredients necessary to guide the learning experience every human must apply in order to grow.

MENTORING THE NEXT GREAT GENERATION delivers solid Biblical framework for mentoring. The first Video/Study series presents a rock-solid foundation for the mentoring process as described in God’s Word. Part Two of this series gives the “Hands On” how-to-mentor steps. Both Part One & Part Two leverage Biblical examples, in context and share in a very easy to understand manner. The Study Guide group questions reinforce each central theme of the sessions to fully equip men to step out and begin the Mentoring Process!

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Join us on this journey that takes a man with a lifetime of experience and leads him to share this effectively with the upcoming generation!